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I compose music for TV, Film, Games and Production Music. Apart from a very brief stint studying music at College, everything I've learnt is from doing it myself, from people with more experience, or more knowledgable than myself, or just generally picking things up along the way. I believe this gives me a unique voice with music, as I like to do what I think feels right.

When I'm asked to write a piece of music, my first thought is, how is this going to make people feel, so most of what I do is from instinct and emotion.

I also have 10+ years experience as a VFX Artist working in the Games Industry, given my experience and insight into the technical side of game development, I believe I have a unique perspective, particularly when composing music for games. I have been lucky enough to have scored music for the Assassin's Creed Chronicles saga, giving me a great challenge of writing similar melodies, but in totally different style and instrumentation. Writing music for Extreme Music library and Twisted Jukebox means I have had music played on TV stations such as Channel 5, National Geographic, Disney Channel, CBS, and the Discovery Channel, these have been also played multiple times all over the world. As well as this, I have also have written music for short films, and online commercials, some include Easy Jet, Mizuno and AEG.

I look forward to working with many people along my travels as a musician, please feel free to contact me regarding any ideas you have for your project.


Aaron Miller
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